Biochemistry, molecular genetics, and biology glossary terms for Companion Sites.


o-o items o-o are in brief format :
o-o cadherins
o-o calmodulin
o-o cAMP-dependent protein kinase
o-o capping
o-o caspases
o-o catabolite gene activator protein
o-o cell adhesion
o-o cellular stress response
o-o chromatin
o-o chromosome
o-o cloroplast (plastid)
o-o cis-acting elements
o-o coding signal
o-o codon
o-o cognate
o-o coincidence detectors
o-o commensal (symbiont, symbiosis)
o-o constitutive
o-o CpG island
o-o cyclin-dependent kinases
o-o cytochrome c
o-o cytokines
o-o cytolysis

Links to more detailed items on Companion sites:
C- ¤ c-Fos ¤ c-Jun ¤ c-Myc CA ◊ cAMP-dependent protein kinase ~ CAMs ~ cadherinscadherin- cytoskeleton ¤ Cancer ф cancer and immune system ф cancers of immune system ~ cap-dependent translation initiation ~ capping ¤ carcinogenesiscaspasescassette exonscatenins - cytoskeleton CD ф CD CE ~ cell adhesion molecules  Cell Adhesion Moleculescell cyclecell-cycle controlcell growthcell membranescell motilitycellular fatecellular signal transduction  Cell signalingcellular stress response ~ cellular stress responsecellular survivalcentrioles CH סּ chemotaxischloroplast ~ chromosome items ~ chromosomechromosomes CI סּ cilia ~ cis versus trans-acting factors CL ф clonal selection CO ~ codon ~ Cofactors, Coenzymes, Intermediates~ cofactorcommunication ф complement systemconcentration gradients »» Conjugation »» Conjugation »» Consensus »» Conjugation »» conserved »» Conserved & Consensus CY ◊ cyclin-dependent kinases ~ cyclin-dependent kinases ~ cytokines ~ cytokine receptors  Cytokines - Immunecytoplasm ~ cytosine adenine guanine thymine uracil bases סּ cytoskeleton .

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