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Antigenic Shift The influenza virus can mutate through antigenic shift, causing new outbreaks to occur in human populations
Bacterial Conjugation Antibiotic resistance genes can be shared between bacteria through a sex pilus.
Bacterial Transformation Antibiotic resistance genes can be obtained by the uptake of free-floating DNA released from a bacterial cell that has died.
BLAST Search A depiction of what happens in a BLAST search in the GenBank database.
Cyclopamine The normal Hedgehog signaling pathway is blocked by the receptor antagonist cyclopamine.
Efflux Pump An efflux pump is a mechanism used by bacteria to eject antibiotics before they can affect the cell.
Genetic Data Demonstrates how scientists use genetic data to build a phylogeny and determine relatedness between a group of organisms.
Haplotypes A brief description of the concept of a haplotype.
Hedgehog Gradient The level of Hedgehog protein a cell binds during development can influence its fate.
Hedgehog Signaling The Hedgehog signaling pathway triggers expression of other developmentally important genes.
Hedgehog signaling pathway blocked by the receptor antagonist cyclopamine.
HIV DNA Vaccine A brief description of how DNA might be used as a vaccine for HIV.
HIV Infection A description of HIV structure and how it infects T cells.
The two distinct co-receptors on the surface of T cells are CXCR4 and CCR5, both requiring CD4 for the entry of the HIV virus. CCR5 is the receptor used for entry in the asymptomatic phase; during the symptomatic phase the viruses can use the CXCR4 receptor.
Homeobox The color-shaded regions represent homeotic genes called Hox genes. The dark band within each gene represents a 180-base-pair region called the homeodomain.
Homeodomain – 3-D model of a protein with a homeodomain, a "helix-turn-helix" motif that acts as a transcription factor by binding directly to DNA to turn on other genes.
mRNA processing
Proto-Oncogene Becomes an Oncogene A depiction of some types of mutations that can occur to turn a proto-oncogene into an oncogene.
RNA splicing :
T Transgenic Creation of a Transgenic Animal The steps involved using nuclear transfer to create a transgenic goat that produces a human protein in its milk.

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