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metabolism tables

 Electron Transport Chain vs Oxidative Phosphorylation
 Enzymes Function Krebs Cycle
 Enzymes Cofactors of Krebs Cycle
 Phosphate-handling enzymes

anabolic pathways : • anabolism and catabolismacetyl CoA pathwayCalvin cycleC-3C-4CAM •: Crassulacean Acid Metabolism : Hatch-Slack pathwayelectron transfer chain : redox reactionsHMG-CoA-reductase pathway : Isoprenoid biosynthesis in plants methylerythritol phosphate & HMG-CoA-reductase pathwayLight-reactions •: MEP pathway : mevalonate pathway : mevalonate-dependent (MAD) route : MVA independentPhotosynthesis Overview •: cyclic photophosphorylation :• Light-reactions •: noncyclic photophosphorylation :• Nonoxygenic photosynthesisOxygenic photosynthesisPhotophosphorylation •: cyclic photophosphorylation : noncyclic photophosphorylation :• Nonoxygenic photosynthesisOxygenic photosynthesis : redox reactions : electron transfer chain :

catabolic pathways: acetyl-CoA : aerobic respirationanabolism and catabolismanaplerotic reactionsbeta-oxidationglycolysisglyoxylate cycle : catabolism and anabolismcatabolism : citric acid cycleKrebs cycleoxidative phosporylation : respiration - aerobic • : TCA cycle : tricarboxylic acid cycle • : image catabolism vs anabolism :

Prokaryote metabolism: Carbon fixation in Cyanobacteria, prochlorophytes: • Calvin cycle = C-3 = RuBP • Metabolism • glyoxylate cycle3-hydroxypropionate cyclerACAreductive acetyl CoA pathwayreverse tricarboxyclic acid cyclerTCARuBPProkaryote Physiology & CommunicationInteractions in BacteriaBacterial motilityPhosphorylation switchesPhotosynthetic bacteriaProkaryote Genetics & BiochemistryControl of gene expressionRecombinant DNA Restriction Enzmes Restriction EndonucleasesHorizontal Gene TransferConjugationTransductionTransformationSymbiosis

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